Wednesday, February 16, 2011

And So The Fun Begins

On Monday my boss explained a special assignment that he was putting me on that will last the next two months. It involves cross-training every employee in the facility in several different work functions. When I reviewed the moom chart for the project last night I saw a huge task that is very detailed and will take a lot of persistance and dedication on my part. I am looking forward to the change of pace from my regular duties.

Tonight I am to start drawing up a tentative schedule for the project. Today in a one-on-one meeting about something else, talk turned to this project, adn my boss told me that from now on, my skills and talents are going to be used in ways that no one (especially me) ever imagined. That really has me curious.

Later, in a different meeting, he informed me that schedule or not, the project starts Friday. I am to leave work half-night on Thursday night, then come in for the early morning shift on Friday. I am to spend that shift training the fifteen people in their department how to do my department's work. I am also to train their suopervisor on how to do that work the way re do it on my shift.

So, the fun begins quickly. And as a bonus, I'll be home well before dinner time on Friday. Yay.

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