Friday, February 11, 2011

Project Weekend

Well, tonight finds me sleepy again. It doesn't help that we aren't very busy tonight at work. I hate slow work nights. As mentioned previously, this will be a house cleaning and laundry weekend for me. I also will be producing another poetry podcast and getting it out on the site (

I thought I was sleeping in pretty late tomorrow, but as it turns out now, I will be getting up to have my taxes done. This is a good thing, as I figure I will be getting about a $1300 return from federal, and about $350 from the state. Not too shabby. I'll be getting up around 10:30 for that. Maybe a nice afternoon nap will be in order when I get home. Yeah.

Once I get the tax money I will be getting my airline ticket to Hawaii. My daughter is getting married there in May. I already have a place to stay- an aunt's time share which will cost all of $40 for the five or six days I'll be there. My parents and I will be sharing it. I'm glad to see her get married. She is 33, kind, beautiful and has her masters degree. Her fiance is a great guy. We hit it off pretty well right from the start, even though he is an Eagles fan.

Well, that's all for me for now. Everyone have a great weekend.

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