Monday, February 14, 2011

All Apologies

My apologies to anyone who read my previous, now-deleted post from earlier this evening. It's just a matter of what today is, and my being alone and feeling shat upon. I didn't mean to come off as bitter. WARNING: The rest of this post could bring you down.

This is always a tough day for me. After I went to hell and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder eight years ago, I got help. I started seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist, and started taking a few different meds. The meds changed my personality quite a bit, and my wife didn't like this. We went to counseling, we saw several different marraige professionals and it always came down to the same thing: My wife wanted the old me back. I was given the ultimatum of either getting off the meds and going back to the old me, or losing her. The problem was the old me had become a dark, manic-depressive insomniac who was cutting nightly and generally riding the crazy train. My old personality was there, but I was out of control.

In the end I chose my sanity. I've paid a very big price for that, and am still paying. I lost my wife of twenty years, whom I love very much. I am lonely constantly. I have no one. Salt on the wound, I pay a ridiculous amount of alimony to, and insurance premiums for her. And there is more, but I won't go into it here and now.

I enjoy my solitary time. When I am fishing, kayaking, biking or hiking I enjoy it very much, and I need it. But I very much miss waking up with someone other than the dog. I miss having someone to share meals with, to go to the movies with, and on and on. I miss intimate proximity and physical affection very much.

On a day like today especially, these things hit home for me. I' more sensitive and feel them more keenly. I think that I deserve someone special, and my big fear is that I will never have one again.


  1. Damn man. I can only imagine what you have been through. Bipolar disorder is a very tough one because you have incredible highs and extremely low lows.

    Hang in there brother. Any chickies in the future? Maybe we could work on that?

    Cheers brother.


  2. Just wanted to know I read your post. I think you made a brave decision.

  3. Bobby- No women in sight. That's been a vrey tough one. I don't know any single women, and dating sites have been unproductive for me so far.

    Gwen- Thank you. It was not an easy one to make.