Sunday, August 9, 2009

I'm So Lonely...

...and I'm sick of it. The lady I have been communicating with on Tagged has not messaged me in over a week- ever since I asked her if she would like to meet in person. I'm about ready to start hitting the bars, as much as I hate that idea. I'm about ready to cave in and hit one of the other dating web services.

On nights like tonight it is especially hard to take. The house seems too big and empty and quiet. I go to bed at night and every little sound seems greatly amplified. Having the dogs here doesn't help much. Neither does talking to family on the phone. Nor does posting here, as I rarely get comments anymore. Facebook helps some when I am on it, though, I will admit. I miss all the nights I used to spend on Journalspace, talking away with a miriad of on line friends. But, no use mourning that loss anymore.

When will I meet that special someone? When will my moment come? I am tired of waiting.


  1. I am sorry you are lonely :(
    I still think you ought to try took me awhile, but now I really like it.
    I even just mentioned on there how I wish you and Cin would come over there so I could keep up easier.

  2. Unfortunately, life is full of disappointments. I like to think that I try to cling to what little I have that makes me moderately happy. You have people who give a shit about you. There is no doubt there. Don't hang all of your hopes on someone else. People disappoint. As long as you feel good about yourself, that's all that matters. If you don't, find out what will do that. I know...advice that I need to heed, as well.

  3. Justfly- Thank you. I will give it a try when I get a chance.

    K.A.- You are, as always, a good friend. Thank you for your wise words of concern. You rock.

  4. I know. I know better than you can ever imagine. Don't give up hope. The right person is out there, sometimes where you least expect it.